#TML principles of colour practice

Colours are in my opinion just shapes. Together they create moods and emoitions. By introducing a set of principles of how I imagine and organize colours in my art works, I will try to explain my irrational way of approaching different colour theories or the absence of traditional colour theory.


Principle no 1: Same colours - different backgrounds.

In "Høstinnstillinger /Autumn tunings" - a series of 4 paintings from 2017, I worked with the idea of watching a lake in october by gazing through a half open wood landscape at 4 different moments of the day. I used the same colours representing the colours of leaves and water on all 4 canvases, and I chose 4 different typical autumn colours as backgorund colour to represent the amount and qyality of light appearing  from early morning towards the twilight.

Usually I choose the background colour to set the mood of the painting and then the applied oil colours to create the organic construction on top of it. This had been my main method in 20 years. I've so far seen it as an intuitive method rather than a principle, until I returned to the canvases after an 8 years break. I did not work with paintings at all between 2009 and 2017. I did large scale drawings in black and white in between the tidy and obsessive installation works with tiny detailed colour printing codes from packaging material.

It is fun to be back and reflect on my use of colours